November 2014
I am back …
… after vacating my position of managing director of aerodyn Energiesysteme GmbH at the end of 2013 and taking a break. Naturally, this period of relaxation and indulging in my hobby did not stop me from thinking about new creative concepts at the same time. In future I will guide the innovative developments of aerodyn engineering gmbh in Büdelsdorf from Singapore. This includes further development of the SCD 8.0 MW wind turbine and SCD nezzy, the floating foundation. In other words, the wind scene has to reckon with me again!

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Sönke Siegfriedsen
Place 10 – Windpower Monthly’s Top 30 Most Influential
Windpower Monthly wrote:
Possibly one of the industry’s last great designers, Siegfriedsen has been at the epicentre of wind power’s technological progress. aerodyn started in 1983 with a 30 kW two-bladed turbine, and is now on the cusp of installing a 6 MW offshore machine, while seeking a partner to build its 8 MW floating turbine concept.
World largest 2 bladed rotor turbine erected – SCD 6.0 MW
Following some delays in production of the components, the prototype of the SCD 6.0 MW turbine was able to be erected in the Chinese mudflats off Rudong on 3 November 2014. During the installation one of the key benefits of the two-bladed rotor then also became apparent, namely that the entire process lasted 48 minutes. Its capacity of 6 MW and a rotor diameter of 140 m make it the world‘s largest two-bladed wind turbine ever built. The entire design of the wind turbine, including blades, gearbox, generator, inverter and control system, comes from aerodyn engineering and its partners. For the first time in wind history, a helicopter landing pad was implemented on the nacelle of the turbine and for which aerodyn engineering already has a patent.
Licensee Ming Yang has the exclusive sales and production license for the 6.0 MW and 3.0 MW wind turbines in China. aerodyn has a free hand in issuing further licenses for the rest of the world.
Big attention for the new product – SCDnezzy 8.0 MW
Elize de Vries in Windpower Monthly: "Perhaps the most striking innovation displayed at Hamburg WindEnergy 2014 was aerodyn's 8 MW Nezzy buoyancy-stabilised floating turbine concept".
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The costs for offshore wind turbines dominated the world‘s largest trade fair at the end of September in Hamburg. The response to the presentation of aerodyn‘s SCD nezzy solution was immense. This holistic concept is unique worldwide, offering a floating foundation with a customized turbine on top of it. A leaning tower with guy cables is fixed on a y-shaped concrete tube system which is stabilized by three flexible floaters. No yaw bearing is required because the downwind rotor causes the entire turbine to rotate around the anchorage point in the water. Besides noticeably lower investment costs, installation is extremely simple and eco-friendly because there are no cargo ships or jack-up vessels. This floating foundation together with the further development of the SCD 8.0 MW with a rotor diameter of 168 m and 5-year maintenance intervals results in a significant rise in efficiency and a dramatic drop in electricity production costs.
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