January 2015
Great Start to 2015
During the last few years, aerodyn engineering gmbh has been working constantly on the improvement of wind technologies, in particular on offshore technology. The 6.0 MW SCD turbine was erected in September 2014 and the floating concept, SCD 8.0 MW nezzy, was presented for the first time at WindEnergy Hamburg 2014.

For both turbines, the world’s most important wind magazine, Windpower Monthly, singled us out:
Gold medal for aerodyn 8.0 MW nezzy. WPM: ‘out of the box thinking, above and below the waterline’.

Silver medal for aerodyn 6.0 MW SCD. WPM: ‘aerodyn design two-bladed downwind turbine developed for typhoon conditions’.

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Sönke Siegfriedsen
Gold Medal for the Best Innovation with SCD 8 MW nezzy
We are very proud to receive this award. Innovation is a never-ending passion of ours.

Windpower Monthly:
“Floating wind turbines are attracting growing attention for their potential to drive down the cost of energy. aerodyn’s Nezzy 8.0 MW buoyancy-stabilized floating turbine concept appears to be a groundbreaking innovation in this arena.”

Design work is going on with committed partners for load calculation, stability analysis, corrosion protection, production processes and offshore aspects. DNV GL is also involved. A large team of offshore specialists has checked nezzy and worked out the Verificationz Comment Sheet for the Design Basis of the floating wind turbine concept, aerodyn SCD 8 MW nezzy, compliant with the DNV-OS-J103 standard.
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Silver Medal Winner for the Best Offshore Turbine with SCD 6 MW
Windpower Monthly:
“Expert opinions on the pros and cons of two-bladed downwind turbines continue to differ. But German design consultancy aerodyn deserves credit for developing a product with the potential to meet China’s complex typhoon-prone offshore conditions between Shanghai and Hong Kong, potentially one of the world’s largest offshore markets.”

The very compact and light-weight SCD 6 MW offshore turbine was awarded the silver medal, coming behind the gold medal for MHI Vestas 8.0 MW and before the Siemens 6.0 MW DD turbine. Offshore-specific features and benefits include a favorable 308 ton head mass, easy onshore assembly, transportation and complete head single-hoist installation. A helicopter landing deck ensures good accessibility. The entire design of the wind turbine, including gearbox, generator, rotor blades, inverter and control system, comes from aerodyn engineering and its partners.

Five years of work on the SCD (Super Compact Drive) concept has resulted in complete documentation for production, assembly, installation and maintenance. Our portfolio consists of an onshore series and an offshore series. The onshore family is available as a 2.5 MW light wind, 3 MW standard and 3.5 MW nearshore turbine. Some wind farms with SCD 3 MW turbines are in operation in China.

SCD 6 MW is the systematic further development for harsh offshore conditions, using all production and operation experience gained from the SCD 3 MW turbines.

MingYang has a license for SCD 3 MW and 6 MW for the mainland of China. aerodyn has a free hand in issuing further licenses for the rest of the world.

The next step – SCD 8 MW – is also under design and nearly finished.
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Conference and Trade Fair in Tokyo and Copenhagen
To promote these trendsetting technologies we will have presentations and booths at the next main fairs in Tokyo and Copenhagen. Visit us at our booths.
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